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"I thought it was an outrageous lie until I held that $10,000 check in my hand." 

- Ryan Cherchi


"I quit my $200,000 a year job because it was costing me too much money. Joe's simple real estate investing technique was making me two times my salary." 

- Dave Franklin


"… the amazing thing, of course, is how I made $2,347 average per week after the first 7 days… starting from scratch." 

- Azam Meo



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From The Desk Of Joe Crump

Indianapolis, Indiana

RE:  Immediate Cash Flow... Make Thousands Of Dollars In A Few Short Weeks With This Home Study Course." Order Now

Hello Friend,


Not too long ago I started showing my students how to buy and sell houses using my trademarked, "Safety Net Method"™. This practical method allows you to purchase property without risk to your money or your credit. 


Later on, against my better judgment, I released another one of my proprietary techniques called "The Millionaire Matrix"™. This phenomenal system showed my students how to create a million dollars of net worth in less than two years doing only one deal a month… I have students who have pulled it off in less than a year, by the way. I should have charged way more for this than I did.

Just recently, right here in Indianapolis, Indiana, I taught those two techniques again, but in addition to that, I built on those methods and decided to give the nitty gritty details of a system that I have never revealed before in its entirety... to anyone... anywhere… I call it...


“The Stupid-Proof System”™

You may have the feeling that “stupid proof” just doesn’t apply to you… that no matter how simple something is, you can still screw it up. I’ve sure felt that way. I can tell you… I’ve made some pretty incredibly stupid mistakes in my life.

I was talking to an old friend a few months ago (someone who has not seen the “light” of real estate investing – poor guy ;-)). He believes that the best way to “do well” in this world is to get a good job, work hard, get promoted, get your benefits and stock options and walk away at 65 years old with a nice pension. Personally, I can’t figure out what the heck he’s thinking. Although he hasn’t seen my bank account, he has seen my life and the opportunities that money has given me.

Anyway… I was talking to this friend and lamenting the fact that some of my students don’t succeed as real estate investors. “What is it they aren’t getting?” I asked him.

His reply… “Joe… maybe they’re just stupid... not everybody is a genius like you.” He wasn’t joking.

Well... that got me irritated. When it comes to my students, you don’t talk bad about them. 

After all, anyone who would pay me the kind of money my students pay me because they want to make a major change in their life has got some major guts. 

I talk to my students all the time and I know they are not stupid. Many, many of them are making mega “dough” these days… quitting their jobs, putting their kids through college, working short days and taking long vacations at expensive places around the world… and always working from home.


Many of them have become my good friends and many others are becoming friends. These are the kind of people I want around me… they do me proud.

But let’s get back to my advanced CD set… “The Stupid-Proof System”

What is the best way to learn ANYTHING?

If you want to learn to be an auto mechanic, is it easier to read a book, look at pictures of engines and try to figure it out. Or is it easier to have someone stand beside you and show you which tool to use and which nut to turn?

It’s easier to have someone do it in front of you, isn’t it? 

Watch them move, hear them talk, see the little tricks they’ve learned. They make it look so easy, don’t they? Well it is easy… for them. They have the knowledge.


Learning like this is the BEST way to learn anything.


So… remember my story about my friend who thinks I might have some stupid students. I know he’s wrong. If they aren’t learning, it’s because there is something that I’m not explaining properly.

That is where my new “Stupid-Proof System” ™ comes in. I wanted to make this process (the process of getting rich) so straightforward, so obvious, so clear, so downright simple, that I created a plan to make that happen. A plan that anyone can use… even stupid people.


Smart People – Stupid Choices


I get calls from real estate investors all the time… experienced real estate investors… investors who are not in my program. They call me and tell me the problems they are having. These are smart men and women. Some of them have been investing for years. Virtually all of them are experiencing big problems with their business.


Have you ever fallen into the same real estate investor traps that these experienced investors fall into everyday?

1. Using your money for down payments to buy property.
2. Using your good credit to get loans.
3. Spending money on rehab work.
4. Spending your time painting, cleaning and fixing houses.
5. Wasting energy on tenants who rob you blind.
6. Running all over town looking at houses for sale and never finding a good deal.
7. Driving down to the county recorder and trying to figure out the public records in order to find foreclosure “deals” or tax lien deals.
8. Putting yourself and your family at enormous risk because you “took a chance” on a deal that may or may not work.
9. Leveraging your money and your credit to the extent that your houses are constantly on your mind and constantly creating ulcers, heart problems, blood pressure problems and problems with your spouse who thinks you are going to “sink” the family finances.
10. Major cash flow problems. You have to rob Peter to pay Paul just to keep up with the expenses of your business.

New investors nearly always make these mistakes… nearly always take the risks and the losses that I describe above. At the end of the day, some of them make money and some of them go down with the ship. But make money or not… there is no reason on earth that they need to take these kinds of risks or experience these kinds of problems, hardships and cash flow crunches.


I know this from experience…


I personally have made ALL of these mistakes and, a long time ago, when the real estate market turned on me, my $17 million dollar real estate business sunk like a rock.

After that fall, after my wife and my new baby and I were forced to move in to my parents house (talk about humiliating - a 35 year old ex-millionarire moving in with his parents!) After losing all my money, destroying my credit, losing all of my real estate, having lenders shut down my construction projects (million dollar houses), having angry men show up at my door in the middle of the night wondering why they didn’t get paid for the work they had done on my construction projects (even though I emptied every bank account I had to do that)… after experiencing all of this pain (and there is a lot more to this story than what I can tell you in this letter)… after experiencing this failure, I knew that I never, never, never ever wanted to go through it again.

I also knew that I had to start over, but this time I had to do it with NO money and terrible credit.

But I didn’t build a business like this without learning a thing or two. The most important thing I learned was that I could do it… I knew I was capable of success. I knew how to get rich. I knew how to run a business. I knew that I had a huge amount of experience under my belt building a real estate empire.

So, after all the pain, all the humiliation, all the depression, I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and get back on my feet and set out to build it again.

And when I built it this time, I built it upon my total aversion to risk and my desire to have a peaceful, fulfilling life. And, of course, there was my desire to be rich... again.

Here is how my real estate investing business is structured now:
1. I NEVER use down payments.
2. I NEVER use my good credit.
3. I NEVER spend my money on rehab work.
4. I NEVER paint, clean or fix up houses… most of them I never even go see.
5. I NEVER have problem tenants.
6. I NEVER leave my home to find “deals.” I get desperate Sellers to call me and ask for my help. 
7. I NEVER go to the county recorder for ANY reason.
8. I NEVER put my family at risk financially because of my real estate dealings.
9. I NEVER risk my money by over leveraging and having more debt than my business can support.
10. I NEVER have cash flow problems. I have a predictable, reliable, safe income.

The biggest problem I have is that I can’t ever complain about anything anymore… whenever I try, people shut me down before I can get started.

Nobody will cry in their beer for me anymore… if you know what I mean. One of my students said to me the other day, “It’s hell being you, Joe.” Do I detect a hint of sarcasm here?


Do you want to know how I do it?


Do you want to know the details of how I accomplish these things in my business and my life?

Would you like to have the tools to do the same thing for yourself?

If the answer is yes, you need to check out my advanced CD set, “The Stupid-Proof System” ™


Here is what you will learn from 

this ADVANCED CD Program


How to generate cash income within weeks... sometimes days of starting this system.


You will be able to watch and listen my students and I talk to real “LIVE” sellers. You will hear them put deals together, right there from the conference room.


You will learn how to use my proprietary, "Stupid-Proof System" for real estate investing.


You will learn how to create long term residual income using this system.


How to make thousands of dollars a year just from the TAX BENEFITS available to people who use this system.


How to create consistent, predictable cash flow every single month so you can say "Bye-Bye" to your old job.


How to put together deals without leaving your home, without ever seeing the property, without ever meeting the seller.


You will learn a Step-by-Step “Stupid-Proof” method for investing... just like a franchise. Ever wonder why 90% of new franchisees succeed while 90% of new business owners fail miserably? No system.


You will learn how to ONLY close deals if you have a buyer.


How to buy houses at 10% over market value and still make a profit.


How to find deals that no one else is after... no competition.


How to never clean a toilet, paint a wall, or deal with tenants.


How to find VERY motivated sellers without cold calling, knocking on doors or visiting the courthouse.


How my system actually prevents you from closing deals if they turn out to be bad deals.


How to sell a property you don't own. Close a deal without buying it... legally.


How to always work with a "Safety Net" beneath you using my trademarked "Safety Net" Real Estate Investing Method.


How to become a millionaire within two short years using my trademarked “Millionaire Matrix.”


How to do all these deals with ZERO down payment.


How to do all of these deals with NO credit check... ever.


There’s much, much more…


You will NEVER learn these techniques from other, 
so called real estate investing "gurus."


Anyone can teach you theoretical stuff they learned by reading a library book on real estate investing. I'm going to teach you methods taught to me by hard knocks experience. From actually being in the mix... day after day... finding what works and what doesn't.

I've already done the hard work for you... now all you have to do is follow my simple, easy to learn, step-by-step system... the system I call the "Stupid-Proof System." And you will always have my built-in "Safety Net" method to catch you if you screw it up.

Is this starting to sound interesting yet? If you're still breathing, I'll bet that it is. ;-)


What will Joe’s “Stupid-Proof System” ™ do for you?


It's a system for building regular cash flow and substantial residual income doing only one real estate deal a month... and doing it from home... over the phone. It's not just hype, I back it up with hard figures and show you the big picture so you can set it up for yourself and create sustainable, predictable, consistent income.

Most of you know that I'm not a type "A" personality. I like to goof off... I like to sit and "think"... I like to read books and go to movies and spend time with my beautiful wife, Nancy. I like to play computer games and "Dungeons and Dragons" with my 12 year old son, Alex and play "Polly Pocket" meets "Furbie" (they're dolls) with my 8 year old daughter, Katie. Life is not just about real estate and making money.

My home office overlooks a wall of green trees in the backyard and our hot tub sits just outside my big office window, bubbling merrily, waiting for me to hop in. We have a personal chef who cooks us healthy food (of course I still eat too much of it… even if it is healthy), we have a housekeeper and someone to take care of our lawn and grounds. Life is treating us pretty nicely right now... although it hasn't always been that way... and I'm very thankful.

I'm not telling you all this just to show you how wonderful I am or what a great life I have. I just want you to know that I walk the talk. I set out to create a life that I wanted to live... and I've succeeded. It's not that difficult to set up. If you have the right information and will put out some effort, you can create the life you choose, too.


No Empty Promises


You won't learn any "get-rich-quick" schemes from me. You *will* get straightforward, easy to implement, step-by-step instructions, that teach you how to create a solid, profitable real estate investing business that will support you the rest of your life.

My "Stupid-Proof System" ™ combined with my “Safety-Net Method” ™ and my “Millionaire Matrix” ™ will do that for you. These are proprietary, unique ways of investing that you can't learn anywhere else... no one teaches these methods because no one else knows them… I created them. My systems will let you start fast or slow and grow big or stay small... it's completely up to you when you work, how much you work and how many deals you want to do. 

You become the master of your own destiny. That may sound grandiose to you, but isn't that what having control of your own life does for you? If you work for someone else, they have control over you... it's up to you to take it back... and I show you how. My system forces you to create both monthly cash flow and residual income that will last for years into the future... not to mention the incredible tax benefits that I'm going to tell you about in detail on the CDs.


The Magic Key To Creating A Successful

Real Estate Investing Business


This is not just another regurgitated real estate program. You've seen them before... they teach the same things everyone else teaches. They show you how to go out and get loans and use down payments to buy property... big mistake. They tell you that the property will appreciate and you will become rich in 15 years... stupid mistake. They tell you that leverage is king and that you should be leveraged to the max with your money and your credit on the line as collateral... insane mistake.

Most “seminar” events spend the whole time trying to sell you something else. I promise that if purchase this Home Study CD program and NEVER buy anything else from me again, you will still be able to go out and make a fortune with what you learn from me on these audios. I will open your eyes to a whole new way of investing in real estate. 

Just last month a "real estate coach" who works for a popular TV real estate guru (you've all seen his infomercials) gave me a call. He had just purchased some of my materials and he was dumbfounded. He had NEVER seen anything like what I teach. This is a guy who had supposedly "been around"... a guy who was teaching people how to invest. 

This coach had the scales removed from his eyes the day he picked up my methods. The old, dead methods they used to teach just don't apply anymore... not when you can optimize your business and your life using techniques that will absolutely blow your competition out of the water.


Do you think there is a lot of competition out 

there for the best real estate deals?


Think again. The way I teach you to structure these deals will put you head and shoulders above 99.9% of all of the other wannabe real estate investors out there. Those other guys just don't have the same information to work with. They don't have the same tools you will have after you listen to these massively, powerful, life changing audios.

Here are some examples of profits that students have made using my ideas... and just so you know, I have hundreds of pages of comments like these... these aren't just isolated cases. 


I keep a record of all of these letters in my office.


"I closed my very first deal and netted $3,500" - Yahya Henry
"I walked away with almost $6,500 on MY FIRST DEAL!" - Gary O'Neal
"I took out $130,000 cash from my 1st property." - Lisa Hendricks
"For our first deal, we will be getting a total of $3,000." - Lolita Johnson
"My profit was close to $5,500 after closing costs." - Rick Knight
"I received a check from the title company for $10,000!" - Ryan Cerchiai
"I sold it in 5 days for a $30,000 profit." - Jay Walker
"I got $10,000 plus and extra $50 each month." Ron Bjork
"I made $10,000 using this method." - Brenda Melstein
"We are currently projected to make about $55,000." - Dawn Ruffini
"I was able to walk away with $10,000 cash." - Sharen Arakaki
"We got somewhere around $14,000 for the property." - Dane Wilson

I've got lots and lots more of these, but I think you get the idea. 


Okay… how much does it cost?


As most of you know, my seminars aren't cheap. I do a 3 Day Boot Camp that costs $10,000... and it's worth every penny... you actually learn to buy properties (right from the conference room) at these Boot Camps. Most of my students walk home from these Boot Camps with zero down deals in their pocket.

My recent two day, Las Vegas event cost $2,495 to attend.

You may also know that I had a Six Month Mentor Program (which I ended not too long ago)... for which I charged $5,000 to $7500. And people pay these fees. Why do they pay? They pay because what I charge is only a small fraction of the value that my students take away from my programs. When they come to me, they know they are trading dimes for dollars. If I gave you a dollar for every dime you gave me, how many dimes would you give me? I’ll bet you would come up with a LOT of dimes.

As you can see from all of the testimonials above, my programs are worth every penny that I charge... ten times over.

The cost to attend "Joe Crump's Indianapolis "Stupid-Proof System"™ Event” for a very full day was $1495. The complete set of audio CDs is ONE THIRD the price... only $495... and I'll even let you break it up into two monthly payments of $247.50.

If you are serious about creating and building a massively profitable real estate investing business, you will do everything in your power to get these audios. It's up to you. 


100% Money-Back Guarantee


I, Joe Crump, guarantee that you will learn enough by listening to these CDs to really make a difference in your real estate investing business. You will learn to start making deals within days of getting started. You will have the knowledge to confidently go out and make "no risk" offers that make you $3,000, $5,000 or $10,000 with only a few hours of work per deal.

You will know how to find sellers who are extremely motivated and will sell to you under the terms, price and conditions you need to make a quick profit... and the sellers will *thank you* for taking the property off their hands.

If I don't deliver... if I don't give you at *least* these powerful business building techniques and systems, I don't even want to keep your money. I'll give you back EVERY DIME.

Here's the deal. You can have 60 DAYS to decide whether or not I am fulfilling every promise that I'm making to you right now.

If you decide that I haven't done that... if you don't feel that what you have received up to that point, 60 DAYS into the program, is the best real estate training you have ever seen... the best "System" for buying real estate with no money and no credit, just send back the materials and I will give you all of your money back, no questions asked, no hard feelings... and you can go on your way.

But my bet is that you *will* see the value of what I am putting on your plate... you *will* see the value of creating a profitable, step-by-step system for buying and selling real estate and making a regular, predictable income EVERY SINGLE MONTH.

That's my guarantee to you.

BY THE WAY: That 60 days is from the day that you receive the CDs, NOT from the day you order them. I want you to have plenty of time to check them out.

100% Tax Deductible Tuition


Also... this training is 100% tax deductible. That means, if you are paying 33% Federal Taxes and 9% State and Local Taxes, you will get 42% of the cost of buying this home study course, BACK in your tax return. That makes this a substantially less expensive proposition.


FREE Bonuses Worth $18,986.90


Bonus One
A CD-ROM containing over $18,000 worth of real estate forms and contracts. We also provide step-by-step instructions on how to create, present, and profit from various forms. I keep adding material to this CD-ROM... marketing material, easy to fill in and email purchase agreement forms, system software to keep you on track, letters, questionnaires... on and on.

Bonus Two
Our extra thick, ($295 value) 3-ring binder "INVESTOR'S TOOLKIT" including; title work, comparable sales evaluations, inspection guidelines, disclosures, assignment forms, risk assessment, step-by-step follow along instructions that you can use and follow along during the audio presentation.

Bonus Three
A printed copy of my $127 book, “Zero Down Real Estate Investing With Bad Credit and No Job.” This is a phenomenal way to get you started. I have sold thousands of these books for full price. 

Bonus Four
A printed copy of a book titled, “Coaching Journal” (value $29.95). It was written by one of my former coaching students. This is actually his journal during the time I mentored him. It’s a great example of how someone took my system and made money in a very short time. 

Bonus Five:
A printed copy of my book titled, “Case Studies, Success Stories and Happy Campers”. This book was written my many of my students. You will hear how so many of them have seen success with my methods, what it has done for them and how they specifically made money with my techniques (value $39.95).


Bonus Six - 30 DAY FREE Trial Membership to Joe Crump's "Real Estate Cash Flow Secrets Membership."

When you order now with your credit card, I am going to lay in your hands, 30 days of my exclusive "Real Estate Cash Flow Secrets Membership" for FREE... with No Strings Attached.

You'll Receive 30 Days of the Joe Crump "Real Estate Cash Flow Secrets Membership." Including the "Best Real Estate Investing Newsletter On The Planet" and the "Monthly CD Audio interviews" by me with top experts in the Real Estate Investing Business... mailed to your door! ($39.95 Monthly Value) You can cancel anytime.
More Info On The Free Bonus


It's Up To You...


You owe it to yourself and to your family to get your hands on the audios of this monster event.

When you look at the true, bottom-line of what I'm offering... I don't think any investor who really wants to excel in real estate can afford not to invest in my program. Don't you think you owe it to yourself to move on this incredible opportunity?

Take action now, while it's fresh on your mind and get all of the audio CDs mailed to your home AND the $18,986.90 worth of bonuses that I mentioned above. The ADVANCED Joe Crump Home Study "Stupid-Proof System" Audio CDs will give you the powerful cash-generating skills you need to skyrocket your investments and profits through the roof... forever!

All the hot deals and real estate sales for your business are there, waiting for you to capture them!




Pick the payment plan you want:


1 payment of $495 - Click Here To Order


2 payments of $247.50 - Click Here To Order


Or you can phone in your order by calling: 

Just leave your name, address, phone number, email address, credit card number and expiration date on my voicemail and I'll have it shipped to you right away.


Or you can mail a money order or check to:

Crump Publishing, Inc.

4040 E. 82nd Street

Ste. C-9-202

Indianapolis, IN 46250

(the 2 payment plan is not available if you pay by check, sorry)

Do it right now! What have you got to lose?

As always, you have my best wishes and warmest regards,


Joe Crump

PS – If you are serious about becoming a successful, independent real estate investor learn my three most powerful, proprietary, "step-by-step" trademarked methods, known as the "Stupid-Proof System”™ the “Millionaire Matrix”™ and the “Safety Net Method”™ you need to get your hands on these audios. When you do, you will learn EXACTLY how to create your own profitable real estate investing business and work from home... you'll even learn how to buy property right from home, without even looking at it first... without risk. The methods I teach do NOT require down payments and you will never have to use your credit to get loans... it doesn't even matter if you have bad credit. 


PPS – You can also make two INTEREST FREE monthly payments of $247.50.



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The Promise Of A New Life


The best thing you are going to take away from this Home Study Course is the promise of a new life. You can finally accomplish what you have always dreamed of... you can finally become the person you knew you were meant to be. 


My "Stupid-Proof System"™ for real estate investing will get you there, but you have to take the first step, you have to make the choice to make a change, to make a difference. So go to the order page right now and register for this incredible home study program. 



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