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I know this sounds crazy to the average Real Estate Agent. It sure isn't what they teach you in "Real Estate Agent School", but I've done it personally and have taught many, many other REALTORS to do it too. I can tell you from experience - IT WORKS.


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These are the EXACT techniques Joe teaches to successful real estate agents and investors all over the world to help them turn their businesses into an automated cash generating machine that will serve them for the rest of their life.



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It took 3 weeks to do my first deal. I found a $125,000 for $68,000 using Joe's techniques and flipped it and made $10,000 cash before it closed. I did this in a few short days. The deal between the buyer and seller had not closed when I made my money... I got it up front from the buyer. The guy I bought from and the guy I sold it to knew that I was making a profit and it didn't matter to them because they were getting what they wanted. It doesn't take long to do this process every week and I do it part time. Sellers call my voice mail and I call them back to see if they have a deal that is right for me.

Bob Underwood - Stafford, VA


Hi Joe, I made over $600,000 in the past 18 months using Joe's investing techniques. I had been investing successfully in real estate for a year or so before getting this material, but I never realized how incredibly profitable it could be. I had purchased a lot of properties, but I used my own money and my own credit... even though I was building my net worth, I always had cash flow problems and credit problems because of it. Joe showed me that this wasn't the most optimal way to invest and taught me how to start creating chunks of cash flow on a regular basis... without bank loans or down payments. This material is perfect for the newbie OR the experienced investor. The newbie will get a step-by-step method to get started and the experienced investor will get a way to create consistent, high dollar cash flow... Joe changed my whole way of thinking about this stuff.
Rick Delon - Logansport, Indiana


"The traditional method of buying and selling property didn't work very well for me. They were over leveraged, the rents weren't being paid, the repairs... I didn't have any cash coming in. I want to build a sustainable business model that will give me at least $5,000 a month income. I closed my first lease option with your methods. I made $2,500 nonrefundable lease option money and I'm going to have $200 per month positive cash flow. I'll make an additional $3,000 on the back end when they buy the home." - Charles Morse - New Jersey


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I called an ad I had seen in a local paper placed by a contractor who purchases homes. We met at the home and it was right up his alley... he offered me $47,000 for the property if we could sign an Assignment contract that day... we signed on it only one week after I had first seen the property.

The deal closed and on the Feb 21st I received a check from the title company for $10,000! I'm still in absolute awe about this but I cannot wait for the next deal to come around. I must say that I have never come into that much money at one time and never with such a relatively small amount of work on that one particular project. Amazing!
Ryan Cerchiai - Austin, Texas


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