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Who The Heck Is
Joe Crump?

My (Long and Occasionally Painful) Story

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Joe Crump’s, One-On-One, Hold-Your-Hand, Intensive, Step-by-Step, Six Month Real Estate Investing Mentor Program!

Millionaire Real Estate Investor Seeks Serious Students To Personally Train And Mentor

This program is for the real estate investor who wants to become successful and hugely profitable - and, who wants to learn how to purchase real estate without the need for down payments, loans, credit or income verification.

Learn From Me And Then Come And Partner With Me

You Can Make Real Estate Investments That Are Extremely Profitable, Using Our Powerful Online Coaching And Business Mentoring!

Over the next 6 months, you will learn how:

  • To quit your job AND increase your monthly income!
  • Pay off all your debts - even your home mortgage!
  • Work from your home and spend more time with your family!
  • Purchase properties with no money down!
  • You do NOT need any money for down payments on these deals. I only do "true" zero down deals.
  • Put your kids through college with easy to manage real estate investments.
  • Purchase properties even if you have bad credit!
  • Own a million dollars in real estate in less than a year!
  • Sell your properties without the expense of a real estate agent!
  • Turn your business into a system that makes money over and over again!

I've created an incredible real estate investment training program that will take you through the process, step-by-step for your first SIX MONTHS in business. My system will show you how to create the business and life you've always wanted - and you can do it all from the comfort of your own home, at *your* own pace.

You can finally stop watching those late night "Real Estate RICHES" Infomercials, or reading those "How-To-Buy-A-Ton-Of-Real Estate" books, or listening to endless hours of "Experts" - or chasing after stupid "Gimmicks” that really have no chance of working in real life - where you and I work everyday.

My private system for real estate success is designed specifically for those investors who are tired of being ripped-off, misled and manipulated by con artists and "traveling salesmen" - that push products and not results.

My amazing but true story!

I used the critical inside information that was revealed to me by multi-million dollar real estate investors and super-successful entrepreneurs and businessmen to go from dead-broke - with no money - no experience - no credit – and no knowledge - to buying over 17 Million Dollars in real estate my first three years in the business!

If I can use this powerful information to accomplish these feats (being "the greenest, most naive first year real estate investor I've ever seen," ) - YOU can too! But with less pain and suffering than I went through.

By following in my footsteps, you won't have to reinvent the wheel - you won't have to make all the mistakes I made - you won't have to continue to pour your hard earned money down the drain on untested and unproven investor "gimmicks" You won't have to do anything that doesn't produce results and put cold, hard cash in your pocket.

And isn't that what you're really after?

I hope so, because I've spent the last 20 years in hard work, research, sweat and determination developing a training program that's sole purpose is to show you the real key to long term real estate success. It will enable you to get on track, realize your dreams and create the kind of life and career that you've always wanted.

The Million Dollar Promise!

I still remember very clearly when the idea of creating my real estate investing system came to me. I was wide awake, at three in the morning, thinking about all my problems. I thought about how I had no investments, marginal credit to work with, no money to work with or anything else. What I did have at the time was a minus $84.35 in my bank account and over $20,000 in debt - that was sinking me faster than the Titanic.

I made a promise to myself right then and there - I call it the Million Dollar Promise because that's easily what it's worth. It went something like this, "I promise if I ever get out of this ditch - this hole - this endless feeling of depression and despair - that I will share my turn around and my secrets for success with as many people as I possibly can."

Once I learned the critical inside information, it didn't take me long (in fact, just a few short months) to transform my life and career into a monthly income of more than $25,000… and it has grown substantially more since that time. I was free of all the pain - all the anxiety - all the worry - all the debt - and, I was finally moving towards my dreams.

Now I'm not saying you'll make this much - I want to be very clear on this. After all, I'm not you. Maybe this business isn't for you. Maybe you'll hate the process and you won't be willing or able to work the program the way I show you in my step-by-step instructions.

This is NOT a “get-rich-quick” scheme. It is a business building program.

It doesn't come without some work and it doesn’t happen overnight. You have to spend a little time and effort to build it so it will serve you for the rest of your life.

But I can tell you this - when I started out, I didn't know a thing about real estate.

I can also tell you - I love this business now and wouldn't want to do anything else.

Now, I have to ask you an important question that a multi-millionaire once asked me -

Are you committed to your own personal and professional success?

If you are that's great. Please, keep reading. If you're not, please refer this letter to someone else who is. The information I'm about to share with you is too valuable to just throw away or dismiss as another marketing ploy designed to waste more of your time and money.

The massive, six month training course I've created to distribute, inform, reveal and unleash this powerful inside information is now seeking out real estate investors and potential real estate investors who are truly committed to their own personal and professional success. It is called…

Joe Crump's Six Month Mentor Program. It's a group of people with like-minded values and goals - and it's perfect for you if you are:

  • Looking to rise above the pack and leave all your competitors in the dust.
  • Looking for cutting edge technology, systems and strategies to vault you to the next level in your real estate investing business.
  • Looking for consistent support, guidance, coaching & mentoring from a real estate investor who has been in your shoes before - and was able to break through all the barriers to purchase 17 Million Dollars of real estate in just 3 short years.

But before you get too excited about it, I have some requirements for who can join.

1. You must be willing to follow through with instructions. I have a step-by-step system that I require everyone to use when they start with me. I show you exactly what you need to do to put deals together and make money.

2. You must have access to a phone and the internet or be willing to get access. You will do most of the work from your home.

3. You must be someone who is decisive. Making quick decisions is imperative to success in this business. If you don't make quick decisions, your competitor will and you will lose the deal.

4. You must be willing to invest some time and some money into this business. Even though my deals are zero down, there are still a few minor investments you will need to make to build your infrastructure. If you are unwilling to invest a dime into your education, I will not be able to work with you. Please understand, you don’t need down payments or credit - you don't need partners to loan you money. I’ll show you how to get the job done without those things.

5. You do NOT need any money for down payments on these deals. I only do "true" zero down deals.

6. I don't care what your credit looks like. It can be terrible and it won't make any difference to me. You will never need your credit to buy property when you work with me. As a matter of fact, if you do have credit and money, I will do my best to discourage you from using it until you know what you are doing.

7. You must be ethical and honorable in your business dealings. We approach each deal with a "servant" attitude. It is our goal to help the sellers and the buyers we work with to get out of difficult financial situations - and just like heart surgeons or other high paid professionals, we expect you to get paid *very* well for our ethical, honorable, valuable services.

8. You must be willing to share your ideas and mastermind with a group of your peers. Accept the gift of their ideas and talents and try to bring your talents and skills to them. You must not bring negativity to my group… that is POISON and I won’t allow it. I’m not saying you can’t be practical and look at the business realistically, but that’s a big difference from negativity, whining and complaining. I don’t want it in my group and I don’t want it in my life. I hope this doesn’t sound too harsh - I don’t mean it that way, but it is something that I demand in my group.

9. Last and most importantly - you must have a burning desire to succeed. I don't mean to sound prickly here, but if you don't have the desire to succeed, I'm not interested in working with you. The people who I work with personally are going to take off like a rocket. If I told you how much money you can make in this business if you follow my proven system, you would not believe me - so I'm going to keep my mouth shut on that for now and let you watch my student case study interviews – we had over 160 video interviews with my successful students the last time I counted and these are just a small fraction of my success stories.

What You Will Learn

I am going to show you how to follow in my footsteps and copy the same process that enabled me to:

  • Buy properties with no money down.
  • Work only 4 days per week - and never on weekends.
  • Create an endless stream of undervalued investment properties that you can purchase and sell at a profit (this secret is worth it's weight in gold - and easily 20 times what you'll invest to learn it)
  • Leverage myself massively - by producing predictable, automated systems that work - with or without me. (What's the point of working 16 hour days - 7 days per week - turning over a ton of property and having to do it all over again month after month?)
  • Buy properties even if you have bad credit, no credit, bankruptcy, charge-offs, or liens.

You Could Experience A Financial Windfall Within A Few Short Months By Using The Powerful Inside Information I Reveal To You!

Critically Important Note: The “Joe Crump Six Month Mentor Program” is unlike anything else you may have been exposed to before because - it's not intended to "pump you up", "hype you up", "motivate" or feed you full of unproven, untested, unused "seminar" junk.

It's only purpose is to get results. Period… End of story!

The “Joe Crump Six Month Mentor Program” is different than listening to more discs, reading more books, attending more seminars or buying into more marketing "gimmicks." Why?

Because you have me there on a consistent, on-going, basis to keep you on track - to keep you in line - to keep you focused - to kick you in the butt - to keep you moving in the right direction - to give you the tools you need to be successful in your business and in your life.

The Problem With Most Training

The inherent problem with spending more of your time and money on online programs, podcasts, books, seminars and investor "gimmicks" is really twofold.

First off, you rarely, if ever, have access to it's creator on a consistent, on-going basis. Where do you find an experienced real estate investor who will answer questions about your specific problems? Reading their books, watching their videos, using their ideas, saying what they say or copying their actions is never - ever - enough. It just doesn't work. It never has and it never will.

You need more help, more advice, more structure, more motivation, more encouragement, more consistency, more information and more time to digest it all. It can't happen with one book, one online program, one seminar, or one "marketing plan."

I know, because that's what most of my students did before they came to me. They wasted their hard earned money (some of them as much as $100,000) on everything imaginable. From "Sel-a-thon Pitchfest” seminars to talking on the phone a few times a month with a trained telemarketer (I think they called him a "highly qualified real estate consultant") who didn't even own his own home - let alone ever buy real estate investments

The second problem The second problem most training has is that the excitement and motivation of the moment eventually wears off. Have you ever felt super hyped up and motivated after reading a book, listening to an audio or attending a seminar and promised yourself that this would change your life? - Only to realize a week or a month later that you are in the same spot as you were before - depressed, off track, unmotivated, confused and desperate. Of course, we've all done that.

The “Joe Crump Six Month Mentor Program” Is Different

You'll have access to me - the person who created his own success and went from dead-broke to buying 17 million dollars of real estate in three years - as your coach, mentor and support person - which is what you can't get from any other book, disc, video, seminar, coaching program or marketing "gimmick."

Anytime you have a question, just send me an email. I'll give you the answers you need on our next conference call. You will have Guaranteed - Twice Monthly Conference Calls with me, Joe Crump - not with one of my assistants.

Other real estate “gurus” just want to sell you something - maybe a coaching program that rarely, if ever, involves the creator - maybe a video series with them giving instruction (which is usually worthless in creating long term success) - but they always forget about you and making absolutely sure you succeed. In other words, they deal in products and volume - not the individual.

I've been asked by some, "How will you be able to fit everyone's questions and answers into the conference calls?"

I will stay on the phone and make sure your questions are answered, even if it takes twice the time we've scheduled for the call. If the calls get too big, I'll either set up more calls or I'll raise the price of the course so that fewer people sign up. Personally, I like the idea of raising the price - I do like to make more money - that, by the way, is what I’ve done in the past when it got to big - I’ve also shut down the program to new students entirely until some of the current students graduated. All of you who have been on my mailing list for any length of time, know that my prices for my products rarely come down - and they have NEVER come down on my mentor program.

I am committed to making this work for you and giving you my fullest attention.

I have already worked with hundreds of coaching students (watch a few of their case study success stories). But I won't allow it to get too big for me to personally handle. I care too much about the people I work with to let this happen - and for Pete's sake, I'd like some time off every once in a while too!

Right now, the price is “admittedly” high, but still reasonable and there are spots available. But don't wait too long - in the past, they have filled up quickly and the price has gone up.

What It Is And How It Works

The “Joe Crump Six Month Mentor Program” is a massive, educational program that consists of 26 weekly manuals and audio programs and a huge amount of other materials and personal one-on-one support. It is a *Master's* course that will teach you how to become a Real Estate Investor PRO! It also includes my amazing “Buying Events” that I will tell you about later.

I've put together a 26 week, intensive training process that takes you step-by-critical-step towards your dreams and desires. The great news is you can expect to see great strides toward immediate profits within the first short weeks of beginning the journey - if you just follow my simple instructions.

And your successes and growth will build exponentially as you allow the entire process to be installed in your mind and your business over the six month period.

Here are just a few of the many strategies you'll learn in my program:

1. Simple inexpensive ways to find motivated sellers and great real estate deals. Hit the ground running with an easy to use, step-by-step startup guide. No need to wade through a load of garbage to get to the meat of the program. Each week you will learn new techniques that you can use RIGHT AWAY! I’ll have you making offers on property the very FIRST week.

2. How to buy with zero down payment. Use the quick start guide to quickly understand and implement these zero down techniques. IMPORTANT NOTE: There is NOTHING AMBIGUOUS about this program. You don't EVER have to guess what to do to get started - I lay it all out for you. Step one - do this. Step two - do that. If you follow the simple instructions, you will succeed. Investing in real estate for the first time is pretty scary for most people. You will learn how to minimize your risks and maximize your profits. No need to let fear hold you back any longer.

3. How to talk to Sellers and Investors. Simple answers to common questions. Word for word dialogs with Sellers and Investors. Using these simple dialogs, you will sound like a real estate pro in minutes. You don't have to look like an idiot when Sellers and Investors ask you questions about the program. I will teach you the most common questions & answers you will hear.

4. How to negotiate to your best advantage! Remember, it's not "What You Deserve" that matters - It's "What You NEGOTIATE!"

5. Easily categorize potential real estate investments to see if they make sense for you. Quickly determine if a property will make money. Use this system to quickly determine the feasibility of a potential investment: 1.) Is it profitable. 2.) Should you sell it to an Investor? 3.) Should you keep it for yourself? 4.) Should you sell it to a potential homeowner? 5.) What type of Investor do you need? Do they really need cash? What if they have bad credit?

6. Simple, step-by-step ways to inexpensively find qualified Investors and end users to buy your properties. And you're going to learn how to get them to call YOU and ask for your help! Investors and motivated home BUYERS are a dime a dozen if you know what they want. Learn the secrets to getting Investors to line up at your door begging you for a chance to make some money. Don't bother asking your rich Uncle Scrooge for money - he doesn't think you know what you're doing and he probably won't give it to you. Here's a technique that will bring you 15-60 new investors in a week!

7. You will also learn my "Safety Net Method" A complete system that integrates with my investing techniques that makes investing virtually risk free.

NEVER risk your money and NEVER risk your credit again - I just won't let you do it.

I also designed a method that can turn you into a millionaire in just two short years - buying ONE home per month. It requires no down payments and no credit and provides a ton of immediate cash flow! I call it the "Millionaire Matrix”. When I teach it to you, it will blow you away and give you a powerful vision for the future.

I also created a system I call the "Stupid-Proof System." This is a step-by-step system for doing real estate deals - step one, do this, step two, do that - and so on with every single detail covered so you ALWAYS know exactly what you need to do to make money now.

The latest addition to my business system creations is the “Snow Ball Effect” program. How would you like to learn how to start with a tiny business and see it grow to a multi-million dollar concern in LESS than two years? Using these principles, specific techniques and strategies, you will build a business that grows exponentially every single month. I’ve done it myself and I have students who are doing it today. You will have deals and new opportunities coming at you from every direction. Just taking action on these ideas will turn you into a powerful force of attraction for real estate deals.

And That's Just For Starters!

I hope you're beginning to see the lasting and dramatic benefits that I'm offering you. Techniques like these, and hundreds more like them, will be answered in full detail for you during my six month, easy-to-absorb, real estate course.

You can fully expect to have an unbelievable and truly eye-opening experience that will force you to look upon your business in a new light and in a better, more profitable way. Wouldn't you like to learn how to make a real estate investing business that grows quickly, honestly and without unnecessary risk? Great, because that's exactly what you'll be able to do - once you have the tools necessary.

You'll learn how to out-market, out-perform, out-sell, out-think and out-maneuver your competitors in every way imaginable.

You'll learn:

  • How to qualify potential buyers of your property before you waste time driving out and showing them what you have for sale.
  • How to automatically convince Sellers to agree to your purchase terms - and do it before you meet them. How to increase your credibility and impress the Seller with your knowledge and ability so they will be more willing to accept your deal.
  • The gold mine of foreclosures. The painless way to buy property substantially below market value.
  • Tempting zero down techniques that can get you thrown in jail. Many lenders will do these illegal things. Don't touch them with a ten foot pole - the money is just not worth the risk. Some of you have already done these and may not even know it.
  • Writing offers that get a Seller's attention. How to get every offer you write accepted on your terms and at your price. Learn the art of writing a credible, acceptable offer. Get your costs paid and repairs made by the Seller.
  • How to simplify everything you do so that it takes you half the time - no more working nights and weekends - that's over for you!
  • How to generate an endless stream of quality investment properties - without doing any of the day to day work yourself. This secret alone is easily worth six figures a year to you.
  • How to use the most powerful investment and marketing tools around to make your income soar to new record heights.
  • Gaining control of negotiation and "turning" every objection into a "Yes" - and eventually a contract signing.
  • Using step-by-step procedures to guarantee that every deal you write closes - without last minute headaches and delays.
  • Pre-selling your properties. Never talked about - but critically important.
  • Formulating step-by-step marketing systems that work to help you find and sell property... even when you aren't working.
  • Going from fearful to fearless in everything you do.
  • Following a proven plan that enables you to bypass severe pitfalls and mistakes. Those who go it alone risk losing everything. It happened to me - ask me about it sometime over dinner (you buy - it's a painful story :-)
  • Daily activities that create your dreams one step at a time.
  • Fixer-upper profits can be huge if you make the right improvements. The seven biggest money making repairs you can do to a home.
  • You don't make money until the sale closes - how to make sure every sale closes with a minimum of costs and worry. Systematize your closing procedures so that it goes like clock work every time.
  • Lease option your way to wealth. Lease option techniques in intricate detail for buying and selling property with zero down payment. The advantages to selling with lease options are enormous - I will show you how to take advantage of every technique available.

Do you see why I'm calling this course a Real Estate Investing Master's Program.

It has a huge amount of information that you will learn easily, in bite sized bits over a 6 month period. But even though it goes on for 6 months, you get EVERYTHING you need to get started the FIRST DAY.

I'm Applying For The Job As Your Coach, Mentor And #1 Supporter

I'd like to volunteer to be your coach, mentor, #1 supporter, inspiration and guiding force that lights the way for you to follow. I don't care if you are new in the business - a struggling veteran - a high income earner - or just stuck in a rut that you haven't been able to get out of.

I'm going to tell you something now that may shock you or even make you upset at me for saying it - but it's the truth.

I don't know of anyone - not even one person - who has been truly successful in their own life and professional career without a mentor.

In other words, I truly believe in my heart that you will never reach your full potential - realize your dreams - and live the life you've always wanted unless you have someone there - who has been in your shoes - guiding the way for you.

I've learned and discovered that true success (in all its forms) is, more often than not, born from a force, or catalyst that pushes you into action. An inspiration usually referred to as a "mentor," that influences your life in countless positive ways.

In fact, one powerful coach can transform your actual being and create a whole lifetime of achievement in you. It happened for me, with my coach and mentor - Now, I want it to happen for you. But, I don't want the glory or the admiration - that is for you to enjoy and cherish.

And We Keep Adding New Techniques And Methods Every Time We Meet As A Group

Here are just a few of the techniques we are using:

  • Learn how to get Sellers to call you and practically beg you to take their home. When you learn this marketing method, deals start snowballing around you and you will start cherry picking the best deals.
  • You will never have to clean toilets, take calls in the middle of the night or worry about bad tenants ever again when you use this unique method for keeping long term, wealth building income property.
  • Never deal with a lender again. Never go begging for a loan only to be snubbed by some third rate desk jockey who gets his kicks from “controlling” people’s financial lives. The zero down, no credit techniques you are going to learn will stop all that forever.
  • You will learn five different structures – I call it the “Zero Down Structure Hierarchy” - that you can use over and over again to do no money down deals. These are easy for sellers to accept and easy to explain.
  • Word for word scripts for talking to sellers and making offers. Know EXACTLY what to say, appear to be more knowledgeable and experienced than you are and avoid feeling like a complete idiot.
  • Here is a one page “Memo” that puts you in control of ANY piece of real estate. It is amazingly simple to get sellers to say yes - our average is 1 in 3 sellers accept it. At one of my “Real Estate Buying Events” I had an 18 year old college student put together 6 deals with this memo in about 4 hours - and she was a complete newbie.
  • A script that you can use as your voice mail message so that when buyers call from your inexpensive advertising, they will be pre-qualified and sold on working with you. This is a brilliant script - even if I did write it myself. ;-)
  • The ONLY software program you will need to send out sequential email, voicemail, text messages and snail mail to your buyers. This is one of the most powerful sales and follow up techniques known to mankind and we have adapted it beautifully to real estate.
  • The 4 best places to advertise homes “for sale” on the Internet - for free.
  • A powerful source of extremely motivated sellers that you can find online and contact for free - and I’m NOT talking about sending spam.
  • How to use online ringless voice broadcast technology to get a ton of motivated sellers to call you and say “yes” to your offer BEFORE you even talk to them. It’s all in knowing how to set it up and it’s sooooo cheap and easy to implement.
  • How to get inexpensive, outsourced workers to do all the work selling your properties. Learn to outsource - if you try to do all of these things yourself, you will go insane. Get others to do the work for you.
  • You know how most investors buy a property, fix it up and hope to sell it for more money? Makes sense right? Maybe not - I’m going to show you how to get AFTER repair value on ANY fixer upper - WITHOUT doing the work or paying anyone to do the work for you. I would never have believed this worked until I did it by accident - now I do it every time I have a fixer. I don't want to fix up.
  • Why you never need to leave the office to do real estate deals. Stop driving around looking at all those houses and going to the County Recorder. Do ONLY what makes you money.
  • How to run your business from anywhere in the world. You do not have to be in the same town or country to make these deals happen.
  • How to create separate streams of income on each house from a.) monthly cash flow, b.) property appreciation, c.) IRS depreciation, d.) lump sum payments up front and e.) big payouts on the back end - not to mention ancillary income from investors, mortgage brokers, real estate agents and property managers.
  • How to know when you can safely quit your job and do real estate full time. I’ve got a list as long as my arm of my students who quit their job and are investing in real estate full time.
  • How to teach your kids this business so they can carry on the tradition. A student, who went through my program several years ago, taught me this tweak. She now provides work for most of her family, including her kids, husband and daughter-in-law. She’s also a millionaire real estate investor - and she only wanted to make an extra $1,500 a month when she started.
  • How to contact your Buyer and Seller list with the click of a button. How to turn 1 deal into 3 using the “happy camper” method.
  • How a first time “newbie” (like you?) can convince a skeptical, grizzled old investor or stubborn FSBO to sell their home with zero down payment. NOT because they are desperate, but because they are GREEDY.
  • How to buy properties for full price and still make a pile of money. You’ll love this because it’s quick, easy and risk free.
  • How to outsource all of the work in your business. How to break the jobs into bite sized pieces and NEVER have a weekly payroll.
  • Learn to automate 90% of the work, outsource 9% of the work and ONLY do 1% yourself.
  • How to make money every single week of the year. This process will create a pipeline of deals that will never stop, year after year. Stop riding the income roller coaster.
  • How to structure your business so you stay out of trouble and pay the least to the tax man.

These are only a few of the real life techniques you will learn if you join The “Joe Crump Six Month Mentor Program”. I will teach you something new and powerful each and every week with downloadable manuals, audios, email and twice monthly, personal conversations with me on conference calls.

We will build, step-by-critical-step, a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding that propels you through the hidden wall of success and onto the "playing field" of life. And, after you have finished breaking through your self-produced barriers, you will be able to answer the questions above - and hundreds of other questions, without hesitation.

But There Is More...

There is just so much included with this package that I wanted to, at least, hit the highlights. I know that if I was thinking about spending this much money, I’d want to know everything I could about the program.

You will not find a more complete, detailed, easy to use, training course anywhere - at ANY price. It is designed to turn you into the Ultimate Real Estate Investor. And here's the beauty of it - I take you by the hand and walk you through the process, step-by-simple-step! I don't just give you a big stack of papers and say "go to it - good luck."

So, hang in there, read on and find out more about this great program.

  • The first thing you do to ensure quick “cash-in-your-pocket.” I’m talking about 14 days here.
  • The 3 best ways to build a huge list of buyers who have at least $5k CASH to pay you.
  • How to make an offer on a house even if you KNOW the seller won’t accept it and have a 20% chance of getting the deal in the next 3 months. If you make the offer this way to every seller you talk to, do you have any idea how many deals we are talking about here? The secret is in the follow up, but I tell you now, you won’t have time to follow up and you don’t want to have to pay someone else to do it for you. You want to use my systems to automatically do the work for you - I love simple computer solutions.
  • How to build a list of over 200 buyers in 3 weeks and get those buyers to find their own property before they bother you. They will trust you as a respected authority and friend. NOBODY else is teaching this stuff - it’s very powerful.
  • How to get a website that qualifies your buyers, compels them to give you their personal financial information, educates them about how you work and what you can do for them and tells them what hoops they need to jump through to work with you. It automatically follows up with them, builds a relationship with them and moves them toward a buying decision. It finally gets them to call you when (and only when) they are ready to wire you money. Talk about systematizing your business - this is mind blowing, crazy material. If you don’t know how to set this up, you are working about 100 times to hard.
  • Another website that captures all of your seller ad traffic and educates them about what you do and sells them on the idea of working with you. Our percentage on how many deals we put together verses how many people fill out the form? 100%! Yes, everyone who has been filling out the form is doing a deal with us. I know this won’t last forever and you may have a different experience, but we’ve put together a lot of deals with this masterfully crafted little web site.
  • How I compel 753 buyers and 57 sellers to trust me, respect me and feel compelled to work with me and give me their money. AND how I do it with technology - AUTOMATICALLY, without making phone calls. Boy, I hate making phone calls. It’s all in the system.

I know this is a lot to read… but I’m just scratching the surface with what’s included in this program.

Here is a breakdown of the actual materials you physically get with the Six Month Mentor Program.

Virtual Two Day Buying Event On Zoom!

I suggest that you try to attend all of the events that are held during your 6 months. We are going to cover different bonus topics at each event in addition to some of the core material you need to do business every day. When you join the Mentor Program you are entitled to attend two consecutive Zoom weekends, even if their dates fall beyond your six months program.

These events are very important to your training. There is no substitute for building mastermind relationships and even though we can’t do it face to face, working on Zoom almost makes it feel like we are in the same room. In these virtual sessions, I will introduce new ideas, improved methods, and other elements aimed at optimizing your business performance and profit. I will tailor this program directly to my current students. The next event...

Is Scheduled For
January 29th and 30th, 2022
It will be a virtual event on Zoom.

On top of using the no money, no credit, no income investing approach, you will learn to fine tune your business and expand into new areas and build more sources of income for your business.

You must be in the mentor program to attend the Buying Event.

I will sit down with you (virtually) and we will buy houses… together, together, right from your home, during this weekend.

“You are going to learn by doing"

Although there are a lot of other reasons to attend, that one thing is the bottom line.

Everyone there will be buying houses… EVERYONE.

If you want to just sit and observe, you can’t come. I don’t mean to sound like a hard guy here, (I really am a pushover sometimes) but I tell you truly - I only want folks attending who want to come, who will do the work necessary and who want to reap the rewards of financial wealth, self esteem, adulation, personal growth and freedom - the rewards of true success.

You will accomplish things at this event, that before you attended, you didn't even believe possible.

You'll walk away with the knowledge and with the certainty that will allow you to quit whining about how miserable you are and really get to work building a future that you want to live in.

You are going to put together deals!

"Even if I have to personally talk you through it to help you make it happen, using my resources, my experience, my abilities"

I've done it before… several times. At one of these boot camps I took 48 students, most of them still “wet behind the ears,” and showed them how to buy properties. They put together deals on 97 properties in just a few short hours. Now THAT is impressive!

Here is what we are going to do at the Buying Events

1. Talk to *real* seller leads on the phone. Learn how to interview them and analyze their deals. Put together deals right there during the buying event. WARNING: This is NOT just theory - we are actually going to DO IT during this weekend… and before you attend, I’ll tell you exactly what you need to know to be fully prepared.

2. You will write *real* deals - hopefully you will leave the 2 day program with a deal or two or three in your pocket - and the profits are YOURS to keep from these deals! BUT even if you don’t put a deal together at the event, you will get the experience you need making offers.

3. I will walk you through the entire process, step-by-step - every detail of a transaction will be covered. I’m going to teach in a very informal way. Some of the material I’ll just tell you, but much of what we do will be interactive, hands on, workshop oriented. You will be part of the program. This will be more like working by my side rather than sitting in a tedious classroom. Remember, this is a Buying Event, not a School Room. You will be getting “in the mix” and learning as you go.

4. You will be doing the real thing. You will be writing purchase agreements, making verbal offers, putting together deals, right from the comfort of your own home.

5. It will be 2 days of personal time with me and a very small group of extremely dedicated people who want to learn this process. You will not get much sleep, so attend the meetings rested and ready to go. Most of the folks who have come to the live events in the past tell me that even when they finally DO get to bed, they are so excited by what they’ve learned that they can’t shut it off. I don’t think it’s going to be much different when we do it virtually. This is powerful material and an incredible way to learn.

When you finally walk away, you will be more knowledgeable than 99% of the investors out there today. That’s another thing that frequently happens to my students … they become the EXPERT in their area because of what I teach them. They end up knowing more than all the other investors in town. The stuff I teach will blow the competition out of the water - the competition just vanishes like smoke before you - and it’s ONLY because you have the right knowledge.

The knowledge builds confidence and inspires you to take action. The “right” action creates success and you encounter a wonderful cycle - a “snowball effect” of growth - financially and emotionally and in your real estate business.

Suddenly, the other investors in town are calling you up and asking questions and advice - and the funny thing is, my students are surprised to find that they can actually answer the questions- intelligently!

You will mastermind with everyone else in my Six Month Mentor Program who attends this event and we will all work together to find solutions to everyday problems encountered as an investor.

One of my past Boot Camp students was a Colonel in the Military… he was a fighter pilot who was active duty during the Gulf War. He knew all about Boot Camps - what they did and how and why they were effective. He knew the power of repetition in training.

How To Accomplish Something That Terrifies You

He told me a story about the first time he had to land his jet on an Aircraft Carrier. He said it was the most terrifying thing he had ever done. Being shot at by Surface-To-Air missiles over Iraq was less frightening.

This pilot said he would not have been able to land that jet on the heaving surface of a tiny Aircraft Carrier (tiny at least in terms of landing a jet) if he had not practiced over and over and over again in a flight simulator. He had crashed his plane many times in that flight simulator and had lived to tell about it. Those crashes and that practice is what made it possible for him to land safely on that ship.

That practice is what I’m going to put you through. Before I EVER let you start talking to live Sellers, I am going to have you practice in a simulation. I am going to run you through the process until you get it - until you do it by route, without thinking. I want you to be able to analyze a deal and know exactly what to say, what to offer and how to make a deal stick before you do it live. Does this sound like it might be helpful? You bet it is. There is no better way to learn ANYTHING than by first seeing someone else do it, then by practicing yourself and then by doing it.

7. SPECIAL BONUS: You will also learn a new technique for finding motivated sellers. This technique practically drops them into your lap. I have been testing this method recently and have had astounding results - I don't know anyone else who is making this technique available to their students. I won't tell it to you about it until you get to the buying event - that’s my special secret bonus for you.

So, that’s just a tidbit of what I’ll be doing with you for TWO POWERFUL DAYS.

After you go home, I’ll be there to help you continue to build your business on the mentor program conference calls. Every two weeks I host a coaching call – we do it on zoom and it’s only purpose is for me to personally answer your questions and make sure you are on track and moving toward your goals.

Heartfelt Confession

Okay… are you ready? I haven’t admitted this to anyone before. Here’s the story…

Not too long ago, I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t go back to sleep. I lay there tossing and turning, frustrated that more of my students weren’t finding success. If you look at the industry that I’m in, the statistic of successful students is extremely low - for most trainers, the success rate is between 3% and 5%. That’s 5 successful students out of every 100 that they train! This stinks, but it’s accepted as the NORM for every trainer out there. If you talk to these other trainers, they will say… “I just give them the information; it’s not my fault if they don’t do anything with it.” Now, that is a valid point… if you don’t do the work, you won’t find success. But I knew there had to be a difference between what I was doing and what these other trainers were doing.

Here’s why…

For me, the success rate is about 30% - which means I’m about 600% better than average - which, by the way, is considered phenomenal by my competitors and they don’t believe me when I tell them, even when I show them the hard figures.

To you, I expect 30% sounds pretty dismal. I agree, my philosophy is “Good is not enough if BETTER is possible.” So anyway, that is what woke me up in the middle of the night.

I had a bunch of people in my “conference call” mentor program at the time and I had only met a few of them face to face (this was before zoom). Many of them were having outstanding success. They were becoming wealthy, quitting their day jobs, building long term residual wealth that would support them for the rest of their lives with constant, ongoing monthly cash flow in the 5 figure range. These are some pretty satisfied folks and you’ve seen a few of their success stories in my promotional material. (I shamelessly use these success stories to build my teaching business – I hope you can be one of them someday very soon)

But… I still had a problem. If about 30% of my students were a success, 70% were still struggling. What was holding them back? What was keeping them from taking action on the methods and techniques I taught? What was weighing on them so much that their own fears paralyzed and defeated them?

Well… the answer was not simple or particularly easy to quantify. Everyone seemed to have different issues, but whatever the issue was, I realized what I needed to do.

I needed to get together with them and walk them through the process, step-by-step. I needed to put them in a position where it would be almost impossible to fail as I held their hand, looked over their shoulder and watched them do the work necessary for them to succeed. We did this IN PERSON in the past and now we do it over zoom – face to face.

I knew I needed to get to know who they were as people. Discover their personality types, direct them toward their strengths and away from their weakness. I needed to connect with them so that I would have a deeper, fuller personal commitment to them. There is a big difference teaching someone you have been “in the trenches” with… and practically living together online for two intensive days. Compare that to someone you have never met in person. When you spend an extended time with a group of people, you can develop a team mentality and a personal connection that you can’t get ANY other way - especially if everyone in that group is going through a life changing experience like they do at my Buying Events.

So that is what I did…

We all got together and I taught. We did ‘role playing’ sessions. Everyone could listen and learn what to say and how to say it. Then after that, I got them ALL on the phone making offers and putting together deals.

It’s always amazing to watch what happens when I’ve done this in the past.

By putting my students in this situation, it actually made it harder for them NOT to do the work necessary for success rather than to just go ahead and do it. If you come to this event and don’t try, you will be embarrassed - not by me, but by your own lack of trying. If you do the work - well, that may be a little painful too, at first - it will most certainly be OUTSIDE the box for most of you. But it will be easier for you to do the work than to NOT do the work. That is why my teaching method works so well.

And the beauty here is that EVERYONE who attends this virtual meeting is in the same boat or was in the same boat at one time. They know how hard it is to get started, how hard it can be to just put your first deal together. You will work together as a group and help each other. No one comes to my event without a servant attitude. If you don’t have it, you don’t come - that’s all there is to it - no exceptions. You come, you help others, you help yourself. It is amazing how focusing on the needs of someone else makes your own fear vanish.

In addition to these Buying Events, you also get…

Over 1,300 Printed Pages Of Step-By-Step Information That Covers EVERY FACET Of My System

It is the SAME training that people ALL OVER THE WORLD have used to make MILLIONS!

Even though most of my clients are in the US, I have folks using my system successfully in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

This is ALL the information in my original 26-week course. This material will show you EVERYTHING you need to make the system work for YOU.

My original program included the 400+ page ZERO DOWN EBOOK along with 26 weekly ebooks and audios that were sent via email. With this new program, you still get them delivered by email, but you also get the printed manuals and CD audios (yes, I still send out some of my stuff on CDs).

These weekly training manuals and audios are designed to keep you up to speed and walk you through building your real estate business.

The AMAZING methods that you will learn are USELESS unless you know EXACTLY how to put them in action. So, included in this material is ALL THE PAPERWORK you will need to start TODAY.

You Will Get All The Contracts, Disclosures, Assignment Paperwork…

…that you need to LAUNCH YOUR OWN BUSINESS! These documents come, ready to go, downloadable in PDF and Microsoft Word format. Just fill them out, print them and you are ready to make a zero down offer. I update these files regularly.


You will get step-by-step instructions on how to fill the paperwork out and how to EXPLAIN it!

I have been told that these forms would cost MORE THAN $18,000 if you hired an attorney to put them together for you from scratch!

You also get:

Every Two Weeks I Hold A Q&A Coaching Call For ALL My Mentor Students

Every two weeks during your Six Months of training, I will hold a one hour conference call where I do NOTHING but answer questions from students in the mentor program! You will actually have access to me, the creator of this unique system and be able to ask any questions you like.

These days, the conference calls have been lasting an hour and a half, because I have been getting so many good questions and I’m unwilling to get off the phone until every question is answered.

All of the calls are recorded. If you are unable to make these calls, just send your questions via email before the call and I will answer them on the call.

This way, when you download the recording of the call, you can hear the answers to your questions.

You will have my insight and 35+ years worth of experience on your side as you begin your investing career. I will answer ALL your questions as they happen and point you in the RIGHT DIRECTION.

I Normally Charge $1,000 An Hour For Consulting.

You will have access to these conference calls every two weeks for six MONTHS. That is three hours every month for six months making 18 hours total.

18 x $1,000 = $18,000! All included in the cost of the program.

This, as almost every other item that is included in this course, is valued SIGNIFICANTLY more than the money I charge for the program.

You also get:

6 Months Access To The Push Button Automarketer System

This was NOT included in the past, but I found that it was so helpful to new investors, I decided to include 6 months of access in this program. This normally costs $995. It will give you leads to call and websites to give you credibility. It will teach you how to turn your business into a system.

Next item:

Audio Recordings Of My Most Recent Three Day, $10,000 Boot Camp

I held a “$10,000 Three Day Boot Camp” here in Indianapolis. It was a major success. We had 33 people attend and those students put together 72 deals right there in the conference room. And they did it on the third day of the event in a period of about 2 hours.

The first two days, I taught. I showed how to structure deals and how to find motivated sellers using cutting edge techniques that you won't hear anywhere else.

I brought in a couple of my very successful real estate investor friends and they showed what they were doing and how they had tweaked my ideas and made them their own AND how they were personally making $10's of thousands of dollars every single month.

We added at least three completely new methods to the foundation of what I teach.

METHOD ONE: "How To Wholesale Property In Rapidly Appreciating, High End Areas Like California and New York." Would you like to know how we do this? We have finally cracked the code on working in these sometimes difficult areas. It turned out to be so much simpler than we thought.

METHOD TWO: "How To Use Online "FOR RENT" Ads and FSBO Ads To Put Together Deals And Generate Immediate Cash Flow (I'm talking 7 days here)." We consistently get many of the landlords we speak to accepting deals from us when we use this non-threatening offer.

METHOD THREE: "How To Use The Internet As An ENDLESS Resource Of Motivated Sellers And Buyers." This method is simple and can be implemented in a matter of minutes ANYWHERE in the world. A simple text offer is all you need. This one will blow you away. This also ties into some powerful internet marketing techniques that I'm going to tell you more about - this stuff is vital to building a powerful list that will make you money, year after year, after year. This method has become the foundation of our marketing.

This is good stuff that you can’t find anywhere else.

As you might imagine, we had fun. My students got their brains exploded with new information and the more experienced students solidified their knowledge and went to the next level. Everyone left charged up and ready to go.

Also included:

My Very First - $10,000 Boot Camp Audios

I am also going to GIVE you a copy of the entire set of audio CDs of my very first $10,000 THREE DAY, HANDS-ON, OUT-ON-A-LIMB, MEGA MASTERMIND BOOT CAMP" There are 26 audio CDs in this set! This is NOT the most recent boot camp, but this boot camp has a lot of material that you will not find in ANY of my other programs.

I sold this massive set by itself for $3,500. It includes almost 30 hours of intense, Joe Crump real estate investing techniques. This was a hands-on seminar where my students put together NINE Real Estate deals right there at the boot camp. And they did them with no money down right OVER THE PHONE!

We got it all on audio so you can listen in and hear exactly how it was done. You will actually get to hear the students on the phone talking to live sellers and hear every word the sellers say.

Then, they got off the phone and I told them what they should have said, how to structure the deal and what to say when they call them back to put together the deal.

I went into "interactive mode" during those three days and went NON-STOP FOR HOURS AT A TIME. I covered COUNTLESS methods, strategies, and techniques on how to buy real estate with no money down, no credit, no job, getting paid to buy properties, creating a solid business built on cash FLOW versus dangerous "over leveraging" - on and on and on.

I Laid It All Out There On The Line - NOTHING Was Held Back.

One night, we went on till 2:30 AM - this was the most exhausting boot camp I have EVER done - physically AND emotionally. When you listen in, you’ll understand why. I don’t do seminars that last till 2:30 AM anymore they wipe me out for too long afterward - you’ve got to catch the energy of this event – it was amazing.

Some of the folks who came were scared to death about doing deals and COMPLETELY IN THE DARK about how to do it. But by the second day, they were on the phone putting deals together.

A few people came that you might think could never succeed as successful real estate investors. But I proved that nonsense wrong. Anyone can do this - even if they start with no knowledge or experience. All they need is the desire to succeed, the information that I give them, and the willingness to take ACTION.

Action is the magic ingredient and the Boot Camp got them going… just like the Mentor Program and these CDs combined will get YOU going. This was a life changing experience for everyone who came - me included.

I’ll give you these recordings if you join the mentor program and I’ll bet they change *your* life for the better too. These audios cost $3,500 if purchased separately but are included in my Six Mentor Program at no extra cost.

But, like they say on infomercials… "That’s not all!"

You also get:

Unlimited Email Support For Six Months

You will have unlimited email support throughout your six months of training. We normally charge $295 per month for this service, but you get it for 6 months ($1,770 value) at no extra cost.

Just think about being able to email questions to me, AS SOON AS THEY COME UP! How much is that worth?

How much is it worth to have an EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONAL overseeing EVERY ASPECT of your business and having their help as you build it?

The value of this ALONE is priceless.

You also get:

Access to Joe's Archived Audio Vault

Over the last decade or so, I have recorded every single call that I’ve made with my coaching students. A GOLD MINE of real estate knowledge is held in these audios. Every question asked by folks in the coaching program has been recorded and preserved for your benefit. They’ve asked questions that you haven't even thought of yet. What a great way to get ahead of the game.

All of these call audios are available for download to you at a special, “Member's Only,” password protected site when you join the mentor program.

On these calls you will hear me solve the problems that my students are having. These students are from all over the world, with varying experience levels, and are all using my NO CASH DOWN methods to build their businesses.

How likely is it that you will have the SAME questions that these people had? It is MORE THAN LIKELY - it is assured.

For this reason you will have COMPLETE ACCESS to these recordings, you will have UNLIMITED use and downloading capabilities of these calls.

This encyclopedic archive of audios is worth over $4,500 by itself.

I'm just scratching the surface of what is possible here, but I think you get the idea of where this can go.

So - Let's take a quick look at the value of the items included in my...

Six Month Mentor Program

You get two “Buying Events” during the six month period that I have charged $10,000 each for in the past. (2 events x $10,000 = $20,000 value).

You get 6 months of access to the Automarketer system (normally costs $995)

You get 26 Weekly manuals and audios - you get them all in printed form and on CD - I’ve charged $1,145 for these in the past.

You get over $18,000 worth of real estate forms, disclosures, and important documents that you will need to buy and sell real estate - and I keep adding to this zip file every month.

You get $18,000 of "Joe Time" on the bi-weekly conference calls.

Plus 2 sets of $3,500 Boot Camp audio recordings - they are amazing. (2 boot camps cd sets x $3,500 = $7,000)

And you get Unlimited Email questions answered by your personal coach - valued at $1,770.

You also get access to the Members Only Audio Archive that has a value of $4,500.

Add all this up...

That is over $71,000 worth of materials and education - and your cost for the entire program is only $10,000. You can also buy with 3 monthly payments of $3,500 (a total of $10,500).

(This price is subject to change without notice)

Think of closing just ONE DEAL

The CASH you could make up front on one deal would probably MORE THAN PAY for the entire program. Then, of course, there is the equity you build into the deals you keep, which will add to your net worth.

Think of the properties you will OWN and the INCOME YOU WILL HAVE.


Before I wrap this letter up, I have to tell you about four amazing, proprietary programs that I created for my students. I teach these programs inside the mentor program and at my buying events.

"Safety Net Method" NEVER risk your money and NEVER risk your credit again - I just won't let you do it.

A complete, “Security System” that integrates with all my investing techniques that makes investing virtually risk free.

Doing real estate transactions can be like walking on a tight rope if you don’t know what you are doing. If you take a misstep, you could take a nasty fall. I have developed a method for catching you if you fall. Instead of hitting the concrete floor with a loud and resounding splat, you will be pillowed in protection, saved from an untimely demise, captured in strong, capable hands and then lifted back up so you can try again.

When you are first starting out, you WILL make mistakes. That is the nature of being a beginner. The only real question is, will those mistakes be fatal. Will they keep you from realizing your dream. Will they make you so frightened that you will hesitate even to begin the process.

I stop all those worries for you because I give you a strong, gentle, SAFETY NET that you can always count on. My "Safety Net Method" has taken me years to develop. It has made me a ton of money and it can do the same for you.

Now you can grow and expand your business to ANY size you want with virtually NO RISK.

I also designed another technique that can turn you into a millionaire in just two short years - buying ONE home per month. It requires no down payments and no credit! I call it…

"The Millionaire Matrix

When I teach it to you, it will blow you away and give you a powerful vision for the future. One property a month - a million dollars in two years - and it’s not just pie in the sky - I have students who do it!

I then created another system. It took me a FULL DAY just to teach this one process. I call this one the…

"Stupid-Proof System"

This is a step-by-step system for doing real estate deals... step one, do this, step two, do that... and so on with every single detail covered so you ALWAYS know exactly what you need to do to make money now.

Then came…

The Snowball Effect

This is a new way of looking at your business… a new method for expanding and growing your assets and taking advantage of EVERY SINGLE lead that comes into your system. I’ve shown you so many ways to bring new motivated buyers, motivated sellers, investors, real estate agents and mortgage brokers into your “system” that you need to learn how to pull all of these resources together and potentially double or triple your assets and your income.

NOTE: Don’t let this advanced stuff blow you away - it’s not necessary to understand it all right now. I’ll teach you all of this material as we go, in bite sized bits that you can easily integrate into your growing business.

The most recent addition to my program is…

The Push Button Method

This is one of the most powerful methods I have ever seen for investing in real estate. It takes the power of the internet and puts it at your finger tips. It makes finding buyers and sellers AUTOMATIC. It makes educating and developing relationships with your sellers and buyers AUTOMATIC.

It allows you to put your business on Auto Pilot. The only way to know if you have a real business rather than just a job is by walking away from it for a time and see if it continues without you. If it dies, then you have a job - if it continues to live, breathe and make you money, you’ve got yourself a powerful business! That’s what the Push Button Method will allow you to do.

Can I Continue After Six Months?

One of the best things about “The Six Month Mentor Program” is that it lets you continue AFTER your Six Months is up as an Inner Circle Member for a monthly cost ($295 per month). You’ll continue to have access to me and be allowed to come to the Buying Events as long as you are a member. Just talk to my current members and you will see how much value this has for them. Sometimes it just takes more time to learn everything you need - sometimes, life gets in the way and slows you down - sometimes, you need the help and support that a group like this can give because you can’t get it at home. And one thing I’ve learned, no matter how much I pile on to my students during their first six months, there is no way they are going to be able to learn what I learned over the past 35+ years in 6 months.

Well… I just gave you a ton of material to think through…

And I still have NOT mentioned the GUARANTEE


This course is backed by the most powerful guarantee possible!

"I personally guarantee that you will buy at least one piece of real estate during the 26 week course or I will give you ALL of your money back." - Joe Crump

I mean it - if you don't buy a property, I don't get paid! I know without question what an important opportunity this is for you, and how thorough, systematic, practical, and foolproof the materials are, and because of that -

I am willing to take ALL the risk in your purchase of the Six Month Mentor Program.

Start this course and follow the simple steps and the straightforward systems I have put together for you.

If, at the end of the six month program, you have not purchased at least one property and made a profit, I will give you *all* of your money back. All that is required is that you *actively* participate in the program. That means, read the material, attend and participate in the calls and follow through with the program the way I teach you.

I guarantee that it works if you follow through with the program. I also guarantee it *won't* work if you do not. If you don’t do the work and don’t make any money, you won’t get a refund – so don’t do this program if you aren’t serious and willing to follow through.

This is *NOT* a "Get Rich Quick" scheme. It is a business building program that will teach you how to create a real estate business that will serve you for the rest of your life.

All I ask is that you actively participate in the program.

How can I offer a guarantee like this

Because I know that if you actively participate in the program - you will succeed!

My commitment is, "Do the work and you will buy a piece of property or you don't pay!"

"Super Achievers" Wanted!

I'm currently looking for a group of growth-minded, highly dedicated individuals to participate in this unique program. You cannot be a "traditionalist" or afraid of innovation.

The thought of Doubling, Tripling or even Quadrupling your net worth and income cannot intimidate you.

Your must truly aspire be to become the best possible person and real estate investor that you can possibly be.

So, please don't even try to participate in this once in a lifetime opportunity if you are:
1. A "cry baby"
2. A "loser"
3. A "know-it-all"

Frankly, It just won't work for negative people. Negativity creates its own failure.

The Success Philosophy

If you accept my invitation to join the Six Month Mentor Program you will walk away with a whole new perspective and philosophy on your business and your life.

It really boils down to you being able to say to yourself,

  • "I'll do everything possible to achieve success,"
  • "There is nothing that can stand in my way,"
  • "I am in control of every aspect of my life, I do things my own way and I enjoy what I do."

I'll teach you how to play the real estate game by your own rules - on your own time - and in your own way. You will no longer have to work 16 hour days and 7 days per week (or 8 hours a day and 5 days a week, for that matter). You will no longer have to rely on someone else - you will be self-secure.

You will be a special, confident, unique and powerful real estate investor that towers above the rest - and that's only if you apply a fraction of what I'm going to teach you.

Why Should You Accept My Invitation To Join The Six Month Mentor Program?

The answer is quite simple. It is this:

1. You owe it to yourself and your family to take advantage of every opportunity or program you can to improve your income and to improve yourself.

2. You cannot be content to do anything that doesn't produce the greatest results possible - in your business and in your life!

3. Learning to market your investments is everything. Ultimately, someone has to buy (or rent) your investments. If you don't have customers, you go out of business, right? The secrets I've perfected cost me millions of dollars to develop and a lot of years to learn - I'm going to give them to you for a tiny fraction of that price.

4. You are the only one restricting your income. A few simple shifts will allow you to get to the next level in your real estate investing business.

5. Your real estate investing career (even if you only want to do it part-time, you need to think of it as a separate career) should be fun, exciting and stimulating everyday - not just when you're at a closing and receiving a check. Believe me, you can have your cake and eat it too.

My Inner Circle

This mentor group is MY Inner Circle. These are the people who have access to me, who talk to me on a regular basis. This is MY mastermind group and if you are the kind of person I think you are, I want you to be a part of it.

A long time ago, I read one of the best books ever written on success… it’s called "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill.

Napoleon Hill studied the most successful people of his time and discovered two overriding things that still apply today.

You Must Have A Mentor…

…someone who shows you the way, has your best interest at heart - someone who has been where you want to go. Look at fast food restaurants - even THEY give their employees a mentor. When you start one of those jobs, you have to follow an experienced worker around - someone who already knows how to flip burgers and put tops on paper cups full of soft drinks.

You are going to need a mentor no matter what you do - but you have to decide - is what you are learning and what you are doing worth doing. Find a mentor who is going to stretch you - not put you on the road to mediocrity, boredom and poverty. The second thing Napoleon Hill taught is that all successful people have a…

"Mastermind Group"

They have a group of their peers that think on the same level that they do. A group of people with like-minded goals and aspirations. A support group to give you ideas, inspiration and motivation.

Please don’t think you can go to your friends and family to get this support. They may love you and wish you the best, but they don’t understand what you are trying to do and it scares them. They’ll make fun of it, knock it down and ridicule your dreams… don’t let that happen.

Get a group of people - it doesn’t have to be my group - get a group of people who think like you do and build them into your own mastermind.

But I’ve got to tell you - one of the hardest things I’ve ever done was build a mastermind group. It took me years and years of searching to build the circle of savvy people who now surround me.

If I had it to do over again, I would not build it from scratch - I’d go out and find a powerful mastermind group that ALREADY exists and JOIN them.

That’s what I’m asking you to do now.

You Have What It Takes… Don’t You?

I think you do. I mean look at you, you are smart enough to read this REALLY long letter, committed enough to take notes and pay attention, responsible enough to follow through and find out how to reach your dreams - you ARE the right material.

Just because you "forgot" to go to medical school or win the lottery doesn’t mean that you have to live your life selling your hours away to ungrateful wage scalpers.

I know that as a driven and committed entrepreneur you will understand that $10,000 is a drop in the bucket compared to what I am offering. The only question you should have now should be "is this the real deal or what."

Even though you know you will NOT find this information anywhere else…

The bottom line doubt is still creeping in - is this really it, is this what I have been waiting for all this time, is this my ticket and my detailed instructions to find my own financial freedom?

I know it is - I’ve been there - I live it. The only question I still have is about YOU and your desire to reach success. But you are on the other side and only you know about your willingness to learn and about your dedication - but now you know about the system I teach - and the question is whether you will start building that bridge toward success… it’s up to you.

Thank you for reading this long letter. You have my best wishes and my hope for you to succeed in everything you do.

Warmest Regards,
Joe Crump


PS - Remember, you get the entire “ Six Month Mentor Program With Joe Crump” for $10,000. You can also pay in three monthly payments of $3,500.

The Promise Of A New Life

PPS - But the best thing you are going to take away from this program is the promise of a new life. You can finally accomplish what you have always dreamed of - you can finally become the person you knew you were meant to be. My "Millionaire Matrix" “Safety-Net Method” “Stupid-Proof System” “Snow Ball Effect” and my “Push Button Method” are all powerful, integrated, proprietary systems that you will not find ANYWHERE else - I invented them. These systems will get you where you want to go, but you have to take the first step, you have to make the choice to make a change, to make a difference.

How To Get Started

If you would like to join my mentor program, I ask that you SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT” with me. It will take about 15 minutes. We’ll get on a video call and talk face to face. I want to make sure we are a good fit and that you understand how I work.

NOTE: Please don’t schedule an appointment unless you are serious about joining the program and have the money to pay for it. I’d like to be able to chat with everyone, but I have to guard my time so I have it for my mentor students.

Also, once you schedule the appointment, there is a brief questionnaire I’d like you to fill out. It will help me understand a bit about who you are and why you want to be a part of my program.

By the way, you can bring your partner for FREE… and the tuition is tax deductible!

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