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"Do I Need State Specific Contracts When Tying Up Properties?"


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Contest Question #19

What is the best way to get forms and contracts for specific types of investing?

From the person who created the specific type of investing you are doing
From your CPA
From the ASPCA
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Hi Everyone,


Joe Crump here.


Most of you know that I teach ACTIVE real estate investing to folks who want to build a business even if they don't have money or credit to invest. I also sell PASSIVE, turn-key rental properties to people who have money to invest and/or good credit.


This contest is designed to do two things.


1. Give away almost $100,000 dollars in prizes. I'm giving away 100 brand new training courses worth $797.00 EACH (these programs and prizes are described in detail below).


2. The second purpose of this contest is to EDUCATE everyone on my list so they can go out and start doing real estate deals without paying anyone a dime.


I'm going to give EVERYONE who wants to play an opportunity to win - and it is completely FREE to enter.


Here is how it works...


We are going to do it like a raffle so that the more points you build up, the more chances you have to win.


For example, if you have 10 points when it's time for the drawing and someone else has 3 points, we put all 13 points into a hat and pull one point out. So you can win with 3 points, but if you have 10 points, your odds of being chosen are much higher. The more points you have, the higher your odds of winning.


And all the points are FREE


There are two ways you can get points:

The FIRST WAY is...


1. Answer my real estate investing questions correctly. I'm going to send out contest emails over the next three months. Each one of them will have an article, video or audio recording about real estate investing. In each article you will learn a valuable piece of information that you can use to build your real estate investing business.


At the bottom of each contest article is one multiple choice or "true/false" question. If you click on the right answer, you will earn a POINT for the prize drawing. Every question you answer correctly earns you more points for the drawing (hint: I'm going to give you the answers in the article itself - so you just have to read it or listen to the audio or video to get it right).

I'm not sure how many of these articles and audios I'm going to send out, but there will probably be 2 or 3 every week that teach a different aspect of real estate investing. The articles will be about a page long and the audios will be 2-8 minutes long - so they won't take up much of your time. My goal is to make them all be easy to read or listen to and digest.


In the audio, there will be an answer to the contest question. If you listen to the audio and then answer the question on the page, you will add another point to your share of the game.

So you not only get another chance to win a piece of the 100 GRAND I'm giving away, you also get to learn some amazing real estate investing techniques that can make you WAY more than that.


The second way to increase your points is...


2. Refer your friends (who are interested in real estate investing) to subscribe to my email list (I make this very easy for you to do).


I have a simple (10 second) way for you to send a quick note to everyone on your contact list. Or, if you prefer, you can type in their emails individually. Everyone you refer, who opts-in to my list, gives you another point for the contest.


On top of that, they get to be part of the contest as well and will get points when they answer questions and bring in their friends.


AND... you get a point for everyone your friend brings! YES, you read that right, you get points for the friends your friends bring in - this could get big. It's very simple.


Why I'm doing this:


1. Quite simply, a lot of you can't afford my training programs. I never claimed they were cheap, but I know a lot of you are struggling and the money to buy my training programs just isn't there. This program will help you get started investing.

2. Personally, I know I am more likely to do something if I have an incentive. And I expect a lot of you are just like me - you are more likely to pay attention, if I give you an incentive like this. So even if you don't win a thing, you are going to LEARN how to invest in houses - which may end up being more profitable for you than winning.

3. And - I'm doing this contest for selfish reasons as well. The reason it makes sense for me to give away this much money is because I want to build my list. I want people who either have money to invest in real estate or would like to learn how to invest without using money. I've told you guys over and over again that your list is a goldmine if you know how to develop a relationship with it. Every new subscriber is worth money to me.


So those are my reasons.


If you want to play and start accumulating points, click here. When you sign up, I'm going to start you out with 10 points, just to give you a kick start.


I'm only going to give this bonus to the first 1000 people who register, so you might want to register immediately.


See below for the list of prizes I am giving away.


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1st Place Prize

There Are Going To Be

100 Winners Of...


My Brand New, Three Day

Fast Track Coaching Program

($797 Value)



I don't know how many people are going to enter my contest. I do know that I have over 72,000 investors currently on my email list.


I also doubt that everyone will play - or even see my emails about the game.


So - that means, since I'm giving away 100 prizes, if you play, your odds of winning one of the prizes could be fairly good (10% maybe? - depending on how many points you have). This is just a wild guess, by the way, so please don't hold me to it.


The reason most of you are on my list is because you either want to buy investment property or want to learn how to be a real estate investor.


This prize is going to be a wonderful training experience. A personal, three day conference call coaching experience with me.


I'm ONLY going to do this once for the winners of this part of the contest. After that, I'll sell copies for $797 each.


Please understand, this is not going to be as comprehensive as my Push Button Method and it will not give you as much access to me as my Six Month Mentor Program. These programs will continue and will serve those students on a much higher level.


BUT here is what it does include...


The brand new, Three Day FAST TRACK Coaching Program is designed to get you started making money FAST. This is the next best thing to being personally mentored by me, Joe Crump (I normally charge $1,000 per hour for my consulting time and $10k for my mentor program). This program will sell for $797.

The biggest problem so many of you have is MONEY. You have the desire, you have the ability, you have the drive and I can give you the knowledge, but you don't have the money to pay for my "Six Month Personal Mentoring Program."

I understand... I've been there too. You need to create a little bit of wealth to just get going. So, here is what I want to do with this program...

I am going to invest in *you* and let you sign up for a shortened version of my "Six Month Personal Mentoring Program."

This program consists of 3 "in depth" telephone conference calls held over three consecutive evenings. Each of these calls will be approximately one and a half hours long. They are a combination of:

1.) Lecture (with me giving you all of the best, fastest, most powerful methods for investing in real estate with zero down) and...

2.) An interactive question and answer session (where I open up the phone lines and talk to the students who are on the line - getting down to the nitty gritty and making sure you understood exactly what you need to do to get started).

After this conference series, you will have learned:

3 solid ways to buy property with no money down,

4 ways to sell property to investors who are dying to find deals,

2 ways to sell a property without ever owning it,

6 ways to structure a deal so you get cash at closing,

3 ways to take title to a property without qualifying for a loan or having any income,

7 ways to quit your job and work from your home and make more money than you do now,

3 ways to do it part time while you are getting started,

 ...And a whole lot more.

You will learn all of these things to help you buy and sell properties that you can either live in, rent out, or you sell quickly at a profit...

These methods are the perfect system for you to start building equity and wealth... starting immediately.

Now I'm not saying that you're going to own your first property your first day in the business... granted, I've shown many of my students how to do it and they succeed in as little as 2 days, but that doesn't happen every time.

My goal for you is that by the time you've attended the entire three day intensive course, you will have all the basic skills you need to get started as a real estate investor... and do it with no money down and no credit or bad credit.

And, at the end of the 3 day course, I'll be there if you want me. You can either go out on your own and start finding properties or we can work out a very easy, affordable way that I can mentor you through the next 6 months while you get your business up and running.

...but I won't even talk about that yet.

I'll just talk about getting you grounded so you can get out of the gate and start doing, at least, some fast flips... buying and selling properties without even owning them. This way you can start generating some income immediately.

You can do deals like this all day long... they really aren't that hard to put together if you have the right information.

I have a lot of faith in this simple plan to get a lot of people started with very little investment.

I'm going to give this program to 100 folks who participate in my little contest.


Well, I guess that's it. All you have to do is "Register" for the contest and start accumulating points. The more points you get, the higher your chances are of winning. I wish you all the best as you play.


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