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"Joe Interviews Mentor Student, 

Scott Schuhwerk of California 

“How I Put My First Deal Together In 2 Weeks And How I Now Make Over $20k A Month Only 5 Months Later.”


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This FREE Audio CD interviews one of Joe's successful Mentor Students in California. 

It is titled, How I Put My First Deal Together In 2 Weeks And How I Now Make Over $20k A Month Only 5 Months Later.” 

This interview finally puts to rest the question, “Can I really use your system in High End markets that have had dramatic losses in value and still make money?” Here is one of my students who is doing it amazingly well.



"I Recorded The Exact Words He Says To Sellers To Get Them To Work With Him"

In this audio interview, you will learn how Scott became a profitable "full time" real estate investor in TWO WEEKS. Out of the first 3 Sellers he spoke to, 2 said "Yes" and he was in the money.

During his first five months, he made a clear profit of $70k. He only closed one deal his first month and now closes an average of 4 per month. Those deals result in profits of about $25k a month. 

If his business doesn't grow any more this year and he continues at his current income, he's on track to make $300k this year. On this interview, I show him a very simple technique that he can implement immediately that I guarantee will DOUBLE his current business! You need to listen to this audio just for this one technique.

He tells you everything he does to make money - the exact technique I taught him to get started quickly making chunks of cash.

Scott is located and does his business in Northern California - a high end market ($400k average home price) that has seen dramatic declines in value. 

They said it couldn't be done in this kind of market, but Scott proves them wrong.

You will learn the techniques we use to save home sellers from foreclosure without risking any of his own money or his credit. He makes a ton of money doing this and has the Sellers regularly thanking him for saving their butt. 

I even had Scott do a "role play" with me of the phone conversation he has with sellers, to show you the exact words he uses to put these deals together - the words that you can use to convince sellers to do the same kind of deals with you.

You will learn the technique I taught him to do these deals and how you can do it too, whether you are in a high end market or in more moderately priced area.

You will also learn which of my Push Button techniques he used to build a list of 650+ Buyers in a few short months. He tells you the web sites and technique he used to build that incredible list in such a short period of time.

Scott now buys 5 new properties a week and currently has 34 deals in his pipeline waiting to close.

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In addition to this CD, you will also receive a FREE 30 Day Trial of Joe Crump's Cash Flow Membership:

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Joe Crump's Cash Flow Membership

30 Day Free Trial

1. The latest issue of my printed newsletter, “The Best Real Estate Investing Newsletter On The Planet!” Which gives you complete step-by-step solutions, ideas, techniques and systems that you can use today to start filling your bank account with cold, hard cash.

2. Joe Crump’s EXPERT CD Series – Every month I either interview one of my many students who are successful real estate investors using my techniques in the real world every day OR, I'll record a teaching audio or video that gives you step-by-step techniques for investing in real estate.


Here are some of the topics I cover in my newsletter and interview audios...


You will learn five different structures that you can use over and over again to do zero down deals. These are all easy for sellers to accept and easy to explain. I’ll give them all to you.

Never deal with a lender again. Never go begging for a loan only to be snubbed by some third rate desk jockey who gets his kicks from “controlling” people’s financial lives. The zero down, no credit techniques you are going to learn will stop all that forever.

Word for word scripts for talking to sellers and making offers. Know EXACTLY what to say, appear to be more knowledgeable and experienced than you are and avoid feeling like a complete idiot.

Here’s a letter that will get 8 sellers out of 100 letters you send to call you and say “yes” I will sell you my home under your terms and conditions. 8 deals for about $40 in postage... not bad. We’ve tested this letter successfully in many, many markets all over the country.

Copy and Paste Real Estate Marketing materials... ads to run, emails to send, letters to write, signs to post, voice blasts scripts, third party telemarketing scripts for your phone staff... EVERYTHING you need to get a flood of sellers and buyers calling you. Use as much or as little of it as you want. If you want more business, just turn on the marketing faucet with any of these techniques... if you need things to slow down for a while so you can catch your breath and spend some of the money you’re making, just shut off the tap. It will be there when you need it.

This simple tweak on one of my zero down structures will add an extra $20k per deal to your bottom-line profits.

Here is an incredibly easy technique that requires nothing more than a phone and a local newspaper and 15 minutes per day. Talk to three sellers and one will give you their house for zero down... when you see the offer you are making, you’ll understand why it’s so damned easy. Each one of these deals will make you between $2,000 and $15,000... depending on the house.

You will learn all this and much, much more...

After your 30 Day Free Trial you will receive the lowest price for the monthly "Real Estate Cash Flow Secrets Membership," which is $39.95 a month, along with the 4 ADDITIONAL FREE Bonus gifts listed below.

FREE Bonus #1 - Call-In Time With Joe Crump - Three or four times a year, I make it possible for you to talk to me personally during my famous Real Estate Cash Flow Members Only, "call-in" sessions. ($499 Value)

FREE Bonus #2 - Open Fax – I encourage you to fax ANY real estate or business questions you have that you would like me to discuss in future issues of my newsletter.   

FREE Bonus #3 - Real Estate Cash Flow Secrets Members ONLY Discounts – As a “Mastermind Cash Flow Member,” you will receive AT LEAST a 30% Discount on all Boot Camps, Seminars and Mastermind Member Meetings. ($3,000 Value)


FREE Bonus #4 - Recordings of the Call-in Time with Joe from the past THREE YEARS. There are almost 20 hours of recorded Q&A on downloadable MP3 files with Joe answering the detailed questions of Cash Flow Members about the deals they are working on. This is a HUGE amount of information and an incredible resource... and you are getting access to it for FREE!


My Personal Guarantee


If after the FREE 30 day trial, or anytime thereafter, you want to cancel your membership, simply let me know and we will cancel your membership.

No questions, no hassles, no hard feelings.

If you are not 100% happy with my material, I want you to cancel your membership AND you can KEEP the CDs as my gift to you.



There is NO Obligation,

NO Cost,

NO Commitment


I've only got a limited number of these and as soon as they are gone, this offer will be over for good. Don't wait too long to register.

As always, you have my...

Best Wishes,

Joe Crump



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What Others Have To Say About

Joe Crump's Program's


"I received $3000 for the
Lease Option Fee...

Hi Joe, 

"I closed my first deal on Saturday! I sold the property very quickly once I changed my advertising to Rent to Own. I received $3000 for the Lease Option Fee, will get $50/mo on the rent, and will receive another $10,000 when the property is refinanced. I also have purchase agreements on two more properties here in Sheboygan. My phone is ringing like crazy with people wanting to Rent to Own - it really isn't done much here. I need more houses - so I am going to try the letters to expired listings.

I can not thank you enough for allowing me to come to the April event. It made all the difference to see and hear in person how everyone is doing things. I realized today that I have to be on some out-of-town training for my job tomorrow, and so will miss the call. Please feel free to share my happiness with everyone!" 

Pam Otten – Wisconsin

"I found a $125,000 house for $68,000 using Joe's techniques and..."

"It took 3 weeks to do my first deal. I found a $125,000 for $68,000 using Joe's techniques and flipped it and made $10,000 cash before it closed. I did this in a few short days. The deal between the buyer and seller had not closed when I made my money... I got it up front from the buyer.

The guy I bought from and the guy I sold it to, knew that I was making a profit and it didn't matter to them because they were getting what they wanted.

It doesn't take long to do this process every week and I do it part time.

Sellers call my voice mail and I call them back to see if they have a deal that is right for me."

- Bob Underwood - Stafford, VA



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